Our night buses run on nights before non-holiday Saturdays and nights before Sunday at the following distances. Travelling by bus at night is the same price as during the day. The period travelcard also works on the night buses. 

401 Örnäset-Hertsön
(Smedjegatan-Södra Hamnleden-Hertsövägen-Brogatan-Rundgatan-Ringgatan-Edeforsgatan-Örnäsvägen-Hertsövägen-Avaviksvägen-Kattgrundsvägen- Kråkörvägen)


402 Bergviken-Porsön-Björkskatan

Buses at 01:10, 02:10 and 03:10 will go to Sundet on Porsön by request to the driver.

403 Mjölkudden-Gammelstad-Södra Sunderbyn
(Smedjegatan-Bodenvägen-Mjölkuddsvägen-Storhedsvägen-Storsandsvägen-Mariebergsvägen-Hammaren-Södra Sunderbyn)

From the city centre (Smedjegatan) 00:10, 01:10, 02:10 and 03:10
From the suburbs 00:40

During summer 2015 night buses will run at 01:10 pm on a trial basis.