If the bus does not arrive according to the timetable- and we have not announced revised departure schedules through advertisements, posters or on our website – you may be entitled to a travel guarantee.

If delays in LLT’s traffic makes you more than 20 minutes late, you may take a taxi to your destination instead. Save the receipt, and we will provide compensation for direct costs of up to SEK 200. Alternatively, you can get bus trips to a value up to SEK 250 on your travel card.

Exceptions to the travel guarantee are force majeure. Force majeure, includes extreme weather conditions, blockades and labour strikes.
If you have compensation requests from LLT, please fill in the form and submit it to us at LLT info, or send it to:


Luleå Lokaltrafik AB
Midgårdsvägen 20
973 34 Luleå, Sweden