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We want to make it easy for you to travel on our buses. That's why you can buy your ticket in a number of ways. Our journey planner is an easy way to plan your journey.


In our journey planner you can plan your trip easily. You can find it here or in our app. In the app you can also buy your ticket.

Journey Planner (Reseplanerare)

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With us you can travel with a bus pass or a mobile ticket.
You can top up your Travel Fund with any amount; at LLT Info the minimum amount is 100 SEK. The funds will then be deducted from your bus pass for each journey you make.

Or you can buy a season ticket valid for a specific number of days.
The season ticket is valid for 30, 90 or 180 days, or you can purchase an annual ticket valid for a year. With a season ticket, you can travel as many times as you like within the time period chosen.

Bus passes can be bought at:
LLT INFO at Smedjegatan 13 H
Pressbyrån in Strand Galleria

Your travel will always be cheaper when you buy or top up your bus pass through our pre-pay options. 

72 hour ticket
Our 72h bus pass is the perfect choice for when you're just visiting Luleå for a few days. This pass will allow you to take unlimited trips for 72 hours. The pass is valid for one person at the time and costs 180 SEK.

You can buy the 72 h pass as a mobile ticket in our app, in person at LLT info at Smedjegatan 13 H, or at Pressbyrån in Strand Galleria.

Single tickets
If you prefer to buy a single ticket you can do this in our app. Your ticket must be activated before you board the bus. To activate the ticket, click on “Aktivera nu” (Activate Now). Once your ticket is activated, it is valid for 75 minutes.


There isn't a dedicated airport bus service in Luleå, however you can travel to and from Luleå Airport on two of our bus lines, number 4 and 104. The journey from the airport into central Luleå takes approximately 15 minutes.

A ticket to or from the airport costs the same as our other journeys. You can buy a ticket on board the bus with debit/credit card, from our app, or pay with a topped-up bus pass. A ticket bought from the app needs to be activated before you board the bus.


Luleå University of Technology is situated in Porsön, a district 4 km from central Luleå. It is within easy reach with our bus lines 4, 5, 6, 7 and 14.

Read more about student price on the bus.


At LLT info which is situated at Smedjegatan 13 H in central Luleå we can assist you with most issues related to your bus travel. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 10.00-17.00 except on public holidays.

You can also contact us with any questions, opinions or concerns via e-mail or on our Facebook page.

Timetable over the telephone
If you prefer to call us for information regarding our timetables or bus lines, we can be contacted on +46 771-99 00 00. 

Phone lines are open:
Monday-Friday (except public holidays) 08.00-17.00.